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Premium Collection (Vaporeon VMAX)

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Dragon Ball Super: Fusion World Sealed

DBS Fusion World - Blazing Aura - Booster Box

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Pokemon Sealed


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Pokemon Sealed

Premium Tournament Collection (Iono)

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Pokemon Sealed

Pokemon Trading Card Game Classic

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Pokemon Sealed

Bewear GX Box

$94.99 CAD

Arthur Roytberg

This place opened not too long ago but yet they do so much things right! All the staff members are amazing as they are knowledgeable on everything there is to know about Pokemon. They are always smiling and everyone is always laughing together. This place is amazing because it brings the community together with a lot of joy. What makes the owner a good businessman is that he is as enthusiastic about the hobby as he is about the business.They also host a lot of events throughout the week such as trade nights and game nights. Singles and sealed items that are sold here are all at very reasonable prices.Loved these guys so much that I customized my binder with their stickers :)

Jayson Cha

This is the best store to go to for pokémon cards, hands down. lex, the owner, is super friendly and down to earth, and they host many events to bring the community together. they have the best prices out there in the GTA, and they even take trades. the luck in this store is ridiculous too, ever since i came to this store as my main store i’ve pulled nothing but fire. i would give this store 6 stars if i could. keep it up lex 🙏🔥

Kavin Shao

Comfy Hobbies is a fantastic Pokemon card shop that you definitely don't want to miss. From my recent experience, I can attest to the fact that the staff are very friendly and patient, always willing to help and answer any questions you may have. They won't rush you even if you take a bit of time deciding which cards you need for your collection.One thing that sets Comfy Hobbies apart from other shops is their fair single card prices. I was pleasantly surprised to find that their prices were reasonable and not overpriced. Moreover, the owner is always open to negotiation and is willing to make a reasonable deal for whatever cards you're looking to purchase.The atmosphere of Comfy Hobbies is also very cozy and comfortable. It's a great place to relax and browse through the wide variety of cards they have available. Overall, I had a fantastic experience at Comfy Hobbies, and I'm definitely planning to return. I would highly recommend this shop to anyone looking for a friendly, welcoming environment to purchase their Pokemon cards.

Vanessa Danao

Comfy Hobbies carries Pokémon based merchandise, and has a large variety of art variation cards! This is great for me as I only collect the cards for their art. Highly recommended to other collectors out there like me!

Leon Lam

It was my first time visiting Comfy Hobbies and the owner of the shop is extremely friendly! We felt welcomed into the shop and he gave us full assistance in everything we asked for. This will be my primary card shop for Toronto from now on as they have great prices. Thanks again Lex!